Spring is on its way

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Further to the January post, Our calendar for this two months includes:

Chelsea Old Town Hall 13-19 March 2017
Battersea Decorative Fair 4-9 April 2017

I will keep uploading more items before and after this Fairs: Keep checking!!

Autumn is coming…

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The weather is still warm, and I hope it lasts.
After Petersfield and Long Melford,
Dunston Hall, Norfolk Fairs, 18th September
Battersea Decorative, Antiques and Textile: 27th Sept to 2nd Oct
Margam Park 8-9 Oct
Chester Penman’s 20th to 23rd Oct

If you are interested in tickets, do not hesitate to email me

Summer Holidays?…Sure!!

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Hot weather!! not that I am one to complain…much!
After the last two fairs at the beginning of July, getting ready for a short exploring/buying trip to the continent, post the Brexit shock, with the mind set on preparing Battersea Fair (late September) Then Oakham for “Antiques in the Country” mid August.

May the First

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Mayday, mayday!!!

After the last few Fairs, no time to stop and rest much…
Mark has started filming again, and we have a lot of items to go on the website, and more news to come soon…

March 2016

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We just came back from Spain, recharged the batteries for the next fairs:
Chelsea Old Town Hall, 17th-20th March 2016
Dunston Hall, Sunday 10th April 2016
Avisford Park, Arundel 15th-17th April 2016

Look forward to them!

underperforming… apologies

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I am afraid we had to cancel our last Fair at a very short notice, due to medical reasons. Also because of that, at the moment I am not uploading as many pieces as I should, and I am not communicating and answering questions as quick as I should. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Battersea Park: here we come!

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Ready or not…
Again, the end of September brings us back to the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair in Battersea Park. Save the dates: Sept 28th to Oct 4th.

End of Summer

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The Summer Bank Holiday draws (or is it drowns? it feels like it!) to an end…

Since last post, We attended a brand new Fair: ‘ANTIQUES IN THE COUNTY’ at RUTLAND COUNTY SHOWGROUND, Oakham
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th August. The weather decided to give us a break after the rain on Friday, and it was a very nice atmosphere, with lots of potential to become a great fair,and we look forward to next one! (thanks Garry!!)

Our next Fair is the one-day monthly (1st Wednesday of the month) antiques fair in Long Melford. (Thanks Graham!!)

Then, will do for the first time the Petersfield Fair, (4th to 6th of September) run by Penman Fairs. always taunting doing a new fair, but as this year unfortunately no Chelsea Fair in September, we will be happy to give it a try (Thanks Caroline!!)

And last but not least, Battersea Park fair (29 September to 4 October 2015) Which celebrates its 30th Anniversary!
(Thanks David!!)

I want to extend the thanks to all their teams which help them to run smoothly. Well done you all!!